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About Us

Kestia is a new lifestyle brand selling a range of innovative products designed to help families and friends express emotions and make meaningful and caring connections. Our creative products can also be fun but ultimately they help people engage with each other in a healthy and honest way.
We aim to provide the tools which enable people to deal more effectively with potentially damaging issues - such as separation and the loss of loved ones - while developing and strengthening those relationships which ultimately sustain our long-term happiness and feelings of security.

Our Range

Kestia has produced a range of stylish, contemporary pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, key rings and remembrance mementos, for people to give to each other as a tangible way of showing the important role they play in each other’s lives.

Our range covers the key life stages, from birth through to the final separation of death, and aims to help people celebrate life while coping with sad and stressful times such as the death of a loved one, particularly when such moments in life can be more difficult for us to describe or talk about with others.

Our Kestia Elephant

As it is commonly known, elephants never forget so we chose the elephant logo to convey our message that we never forget those we love and who are special to us. Our Kestia elephant also portrays the family; the large elephant representing the parent/adult, with the tiny baby at their feet representing the child or children. Joined together we are united but - if we are separated - we are strong enough to stand on our own, confident because we have the security of ongoing support.

Our History

Kestia came to fruition when long term friends, psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni and Australia-born business woman, Donna Gosling, joined forces to share knowledge of their different sectors, their mutual understanding of the psychological importance of family and close relationships, and their observations of family issues.

Gaynor says...

"As we live increasingly fuller and faster lives, things can sometimes move too quickly for us to take in. This is true for adults and perhaps even more so for children, who need to formulate and hold on to concepts which are vital to their emotional wellbeing. With this in mind, the Kestia brand is all about connecting positively with your family and friends and ensuring that children are aware they are never far from parents’ thoughts, whatever they are doing and wherever they may be."

"Psychological Theory tells us that a child needs to learn that they can keep a picture of their mother and father and then other adults in their mind. They can take this mental image wherever they go, giving them confidence and making them feel strong. Children need to know that the adults they care for keep them in their thoughts, too. Knowing they are always remembered and thought about makes them feel safe and cared for. This is the same for all of us, even in our adult relationships."

Donna adds...

"Kestia is aiming to be one of the brands people visit first when trying to find a present for that very special person in their life. And when someone receives a Kestia gift, we hope they will come to immediately understand the feelings and thoughts behind it.”

“The majority of our products have been made in UK and we pride ourselves on using the finest materials and imaginative design, so that every piece remains timeless.

We will be regularly updating and expanding our collections, so that we always have something new to offer, and are currently working on our extensive lines of toys, gifts, stationery and homewares, which we are hugely excited about!"

"We’d like to thank our loyal team of professionals and our families for all of their hard work and support in launching the Kestia brand."