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Key Rings

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Our beloved family pets play such an important part in our lives that when they die, we suffer great loss. We have produced our beautiful Pet Loss Keyring which can be engraved with your pet's name and a small message, to keep a tangible reminder of our dear friends.  These are made from solid sterling silver and are very heavy, weighing approximately 13.3g.

These make a truely thoughtful and contemporary gift for someone who has lost their pet and if the gift is for a child, we have a range of products to help them deal with the loss or to keep the memory of their pet close.

Please see our Loss Collection for ideas.

Please contact us if you would like to have your disc engraved.


Product variations: 


These lovely, solid, sterling silver keyrings, have been hand made in the UK and make a wonderful gift for a new mum or dad. The total weight of each keyring is approximately 30.5 gramms, so they are very heavy and substantial. The smaller dog tag measuring 32mm x 20 mm and weighing approximately 7.3 gramms, features our enamelled baby elephant design. It is available in the Birth Range in your choice of white, pink or blue enamel. The larger engraveable dog tag measuring 40mm x 23mm and weighing approximately 13 gramms has been oxidised and hand distressed, making every one unique.

Another suggestion would be to give as a christening or birth ceremony present for the child to keep until they are older. Engrave the baby's name and date of birth or christening on the tag.  Please read our engraving page for instructions if an engraving option is required.

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Our "Don't Forget the Siblings" Keyring is a lovely and unique keyring designed to give to a mum or dad on the birth of their new baby.  

The white enamel baby elephant dog tag can be engraved with the new baby's inititals and date of birth. The accompanying elephant (15mm tall) is available in either pink or blue enamel, to represent a brother or sister, "The Sibling". To represent any other siblings in the family, order extra enamel elephants, which can be purchased from the Charms Section. Personalise each of these further by engraving them with the initial of each sibling.

Not only does this make a very thoughtful gift for a close friend, a wife, husband or partner, but we would like to suggest that you could also use it to involve siblings in the event.  Let them pick their own colour of enamel to represent themselves and let them be involved in giving it as a present to their mum, dad or both, on this special day.  

If you would like to engrave your keyring, please go to the Engraving Page for instructions when ordering.



Our heavy sterling silver key rings are a clever way to help at times of separation from our children or indeed our partners or friends. These key rings are designed so that the enamel elephants can be easily attached and detached using the karabiners. One of the elephants represents the child and the other the adult. This way the child can keep an elephant with them when the adult goes away and the adult can also keep an elephant. The child can then have confidence in the knowledge that the adult is keeping them in mind all the time they are away from each other. This could be, for example, when the child is on a sleepover or the adult is on a business trip.

When the adult or child returns home, the elephants can be reunited, creating a perfect opportunity for you both to share your experience apart and praise your child for succeeding. If you are using this for your partner or friend, then it is just a reminder that they are always in your thoughts while apart.

The heavy distressed dog tag is engravable and as each piece is indiviually distressed, no two dog tags are exactly the same, making each one unique to you. The enamelled baby elephant is available in a selection of colours and more can be ordered from our Charms Section to represent your other children. A suggestion would be to let your children choose their own enamel colour to make it more personal for them. These elephants can be personalised even further by engraving with the initial of the child. Please go to the Engraving Page for instructions when ordering, if this option is desired.





What a fantastic gift for any parent or grandparent. These heavy sterling silver keyrings come complete with an oxidized and hand distressed large dog tag along with our signature Kestia Pattern Dog Tag.  

These make a wonderful present for Father's Day, Mother's Day or as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or just a big thank you for being our parent!

The larger plain dog tag can be customised to make them even more individual by using our engraving service.

Please go to our Engraving Page for instructions of how to order and allow for the required time for this when placing your order.




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