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Mother's Day

This quality little heart is enamelled on both sides and to symbolise our ethos of never foretting, we have engraved it with our elephant logo.   It is available in a delicate pink or blue enamel, which could be used, if given as a gift to a new mum, to represent the birth of a baby girl or boy.

Nestled inside the heart, we have placed two of our Kin Characters which mums can wear to represent themselves and their baby. This can be given as a birth gift.  

In the Family Collection the heart can be used for mum to wear to keep her children close to her heart and each Kin Character inside can represent a child.  Due to its delicate size, this heart can only accommodate 3 children (look our for our larger heart, coming soon, for those larger families).  

In the Friendship Collection, use to represent close friends or give to a boyfriend or girlfriend to show your love for each other and connection when you apart.  

In the Separation Collection, the Kin Characters inside the heart provide you with a tanglible way to keep a person close when they are away from you and show they are always in your mind.  This is particularly helpful for children when they go to school a sleepover or you are apart from them for whatever reason.

The heart can hold up to 3 Kin Characters, so an extra one can be purchased if required.  Please see our charm section when ordering.











These delightful little elephant charms are displayed on your choice of 16" or 18" silver ball chain. The larger of the charms represents an adult family member and the tiny Kestia Elephant charm represents the child.

These necklaces can be worn by both adults and children and make a great present for a grandmother. For an ideal Mother's Day gift, each child can give their mum their own elephant character to be added to her necklace.

This necklace comes complete with one adult and one child sized elephant. You can order your choice of elephants to represent your own family combination from the Charms Section in the Family Collection.


A beautiful gift for any mother on the birth of her new baby, our handcrafted solid silver "Mother Elephant" Pendant (34mm tall including the bail) comes complete with your choice of either an 18" or 20" box belcher chain.

A suggestion would be to add one of our "My Baby" Elephant charms in our Charm Section. These are  available in the Birth Collection in white, pink or blue enamel options and are a lovely way to represent the new baby.


Our contemporary and elegant, sterling silver, 31", double stranded necklace has eight small rings, each holding a Kestia Elephant. If desired, each of the elephants can be used to represent a member of the family, including grandparents or close friends. The necklace as a whole has been designed to sybolically represent your own indiviidual "elephant herd".

By attaching more elephants with split rings, which are available in the charm section, you can add as many elephants to your "herd" as you wish.


We have designed these adorable, heavy, solid sterling silver baby elephants (15mm tall) to represent the new baby, so a mother can wear it close to her heart. If mum has twins or even more, this is a wonderful way for her to represent each of them. These elephants can be personalised further by engraving them with the new baby's initial.  Please read the engraving page for instructions of how to order if you wish to select the engraving option.

This charm comes complete with either a 16" ball chain for a child or an 18" venetian box chain for an adult.  

These also make an excellent present to give to the baby itself in pink, white or blue, for their birth or their Christening or Naming Day.



This pendant makes a beautiful gift for a mother on the birth of her new baby and equally suits any mother to symbolise her connection with her children. Our handcrafted, solid silver "Mother Elephant" Pendant (34mm tall including the bail) set with quality diamonds comes complete with your choice of either an 18" or 20" box belcher chain.

A suggestion would be to add one of our "My Baby" Elephant Charms available in the Birth Collection in white, pink or blue enamel options, please see our Charms Section if desired. These are a lovely way to represent the new baby.


Our adorable little elephant charms (7mm tall) are hand made in the UK from solid, sterling silver. As elephants never forget they symbolize this idea and can be used in many ways  to send this message.   

In the Birth Collection they make a great present to give to someone on the birth of their new baby or to give to the baby as a christening or birth ceremony gift marking the importance of the occassion for the child. 

In the Separation Collection we would also suggest using them as a tangible way to remember mum, dad or any significant adult at times of separation.

Just select your choice of our hand tied bows in pink, blue or white.  

If you wish, remove the bow and then your little elephant can be attached to one of our charm bracelets, chains or necklaces or even onto an existing piece of jewellery.  

The different ways these little Kestia Elephants can be used are practically limitless. They could be placed on a table as a keepsake, attached to a favourite teddy, key ring, zipper or even sewn into a pocket.  

See our 'Using our Products' page for further suggestions.






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