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These collectable Kestia Kin Characters have been designed to represent individual members of your family or your close friends. 

These necklaces are designed so that each Kestia Kin can be removed and swapped onto another necklace. This way the child can take the mother or another significant adult with them when they are separated, for example on a sleepover or when the adult needs to travel away on business. The adult can similarly wear their child close to their heart, giving the child a tangible way to feel they are never forgotten during the period of absence, no matter how short or how long that may be.

When the adult or child returns home, the characters can be easily swapped back, creating a perfect opportunity for you both to share your experience apart and praise your child for succeeding. 

If you have other children, you can also purchase extra Child Kestia Kin Characters individually.

Keep a look out for our new options for Kestia Kin Characters as they are released.

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