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Our beautiful silver beaded bracelet is available in a standard 5 inch size and is made using 4mm sterling silver beads. It is elasticated, enabling you to put it on to or take off your child's wrist easily. The enamelled elephant bead is available in a selection of colours, just select which option you prefer when placing your order.

Our Kestia Elephant Bead symbolises the idea that just as the elephant never forgets, when we separate from someone important to us, we too do not forget them. These bracelets are an ideal way to tangibly show someone that this is how we feel.  

These dainty bracelets can be used to help a child when separating from a parent or significant adult as the elephant bead is the representation that they are taking that adult with them. The adult could wear a matching silver bracelet from the adult range to give the child the message that the adult keeps them in mind. They could also be used for a young child to give to a friend who is leaving their school. 

Please note that these items should not be worn by children under the age of 3 years. (For further information see Using Our Products section on the Home Page).


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