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How To Use Our Products

Be Creative

Use your Kestia jewellery in any way you choose. Be creative and combine pieces to represent your own family or friends and to express your feelings. Also create your own unique and contemporary look by mixing and matching different pieces from our various collections.

Here are some ideas to inspire you

The large elephant can be used to represent the mother of the family and all the smaller elephants represent the children.
Mums can wear a number of the baby elephants to show her children they are always in her mind and close to her heart.
A new mother could wear the Kestia mother elephant to show her pleasure in becoming a parent, or with a child elephant on the same chain to represent the bond between her and her child.
The same message can be expressed by using some of our very small baby elephants, which can also be used to represent the whole family unit, showing each child that they have their own place within the family. In the same way these can be used to represent friends within a friendship group.

Be Symbolic

We created our Kestia jewellery using psychological knowledge gained from years of observation of the different ways we communicate with each other throughout life. If you choose to use any of our ideas or wish to create your own, it is the acknowledgement of the symbolism and the talking, explaining and expressing of feelings that helps both adults and children to know that the jewellery means something to each of them. For children, it is this expression that helps build confidence and happiness. Our products are suitable for all age groups and are a lovely way for all the generations in a family to show their bond. Contemporary and easy to wear, they can be worn purely as a fashion item however, if you do wish to use them symbolically, here are some ideas:

Kestia Remember Me Bracelets

> These can be used to represent the concept that you are not forgotten, one worn by the child and the other by the adult. The bracelets are designed so that it is like the child wrapping the adult around their wrist and taking that person with them. This can also be used to help a child go to sleep on their own when they feel too old for the trusted old teddy!
> We have had numerous success stories with this product, which is also adaptable for two friends to wear, or a boyfriend and girlfriend to show that even when they are separated, they are not forgotten
> Our Remember Me bracelets are a contemporary design yet use traditional hematite beads, worn by the Victorians during mourning

Kestia Kin Characters

> Kestia Kin Characters have been designed to represent important people in our lives, for example a parent and child, close friends or partners. These little characters can also be purchased in pairs
> The mother wears the larger adult character and the child wears the child size Kin. When the child has to separate from mum or significant adult, the characters are swapped using the convenient Kin Ring. If the child goes on a sleepover, for example, the characters are swapped so that the child keeps ‘mum’ on their necklace and mum keeps the child's Kin character on hers. These are very useful if the parent or significant adult travels away perhaps with the forces or on business trips

Kestia Loss Collection

Loss affects many aspects of our lives. It could be the loss of a close friend emigrating to another country or children leaving each other for different schools. The biggest loss in life is when someone we care about dies. This loss is not restricted to family and friends, but also includes the beloved family pet. We have created a very sympathetic range of bracelets, mementos and keepsakes to help express the depth of the loss and keep their memory alive.
> The wooden loss memento has been specially engraved with our Kestia elephant to express the message "I will never forget you". It is also available in pairs to enable you to place one inside the coffin and keep one yourself
> These are also available singularly for family and friends to keep, perhaps to place on a desk at work or at home
> We have also designed a key ring using sterling silver combined with our wooden loss disc. This comes with a silver disc which can be engraved with the name or date as desired, allowing you to take the memory of the person you have lost with you wherever you go
> We have used our baby elephant on a black bow in the loss collection so that they are suitable to wear at a funeral. This helps everyone see in a tangible way how you are all sharing the same feelings of loss and support for each other during this extremely sad time. After the funeral, remove the bow and these little elephants can be easily attached to your chosen item of jewellery. A subtle way of keeping the memory of the person with you would be to attach the elephant to the clasp of a neck- lace or bracelet so only you know it is there.


To help you choose the correct size of bracelet or necklace, please read the pointers below.


> The average bracelet size is 7 inches long
> Generally a comfortable fit for the bracelet is achieved by measuring your wrist tightly then adding 1/2" (print off a copy of the tape measure pdf if this helps!)
> If you are between sizes and if you prefer a more fitted bracelet then we suggest you select the smaller size. Choose the next size up if a more relaxed fit is preferred
> If you are purchasing one of our leather bracelets, please note that the leather will become softer and more flexible with wear
> Our "Remember Me" Bracelets are available in a selection of sizes according to the particular bracelet you are choosing. If a particular size is not available, please contact us via our "Contact Us" page to place a bespoke order


Everyone has their own preference about a comfortable necklace length and Kestia offers a number of choices, depending on which necklace you are ordering.
> To make it easier for you to choose the necklace length best suited to you, use the picture on the left/right to give you a general idea of what each length would look like
> Our children’s necklaces are 16" long which is a more comfortable length for children of most ages

Instructions for wear for children

> It is important to remember that children under the age of 3 years should only wear jewellery under strict adult supervision, due to the danger of small parts being swallowed. Kestia recommends that children under the age of three years should not wear jewellery at all

> We have produced our products using high quality materials but damage may occur when children are playing so, to ensure that your child keeps their Kestia product for as long as possible, care should be taken and supervision given

Necklace Sizes