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Service Agreements

Kestia offers a re-stringing service for only Kestia strung products. There will be a fee for this service, so please contact us for further information. To avoid the potential of losing beads or silver components on strung items, it is advised that you regularly check your strung pieces, as they will need to be restrung periodically. Due to the nature and normal wear and tear of stringing, it will become weakened and potentially break.
If your jewellery is outside of the warranty period or where there is no proof of purchase, there will be a charge applied to our services. All charges must be paid to Kestia Limited.
We appreciate how important your piece of Kestia jewellery is to you, but unfortunately, in some circumstances, it may not be possible to repair damaged items, but we will try our utmost to help. 

Engraving offers an element of personalization and transforms a beautiful gift into something really unique. Kestia therefore offers an engraving service to help you individualise your item and create an even more distinctive and personal reminder of you, your friends or loved ones. It can even help you express an idea or thought you wish to communicate to someone special.
Please allow 3 working days for engraving, plus delivery time.
We charge for all engraving works, so please check the price when choosing the engraving option with your purchase.
Please contact us if you would like any further information on engraving as we will try our best to accommodate your requirements where possible, but please remember that special requests do take time.

Jewellery Care
Great care has been taken in creating your jewellery. To protect it and contribute to its longevity, there are a few tips to follow:
Avoid wearing jewellery while working in the house or garden, when swimming, taking part in sporting activities, including the gym. Jewellery should also be removed prior to bathing or showering or when sleeping.
Store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other. Do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents or other chemical products and take care when spraying perfume. We recommend that you apply your perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics prior to wearing your Kestia jewellery.
Opals and other semi precious stones, which we use, require special care.  These can be porous and may absorb chemials, even soap, possibly building up inside the stone and causing discolouration. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning devices, ammonia and other cleaning chemicals and avoid heat or strong light.  We stongly recommend that you do not use any silver dipping baths.
Sterling silver jewellery: Once exposed to the atmosphere all silver jewellery may tarnish. To restore the original brilliance of the surface, we recommend using a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth, which is available to order on our website.  If you do not have one of these, clean with a soft 100% cotton cloth.  Silver is a very soft metal and even using a specific silver polish cloth or soft 100% cotton cloth, you can scratch it if you aren't careful and rub it too briskly.


Our leather is hand finished to create supple but hardwearing leather products. With the correct care and treatment it should last a long time. If your item gets wet for any reason, blot to remove excess moisture and allow to dry naturally. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat as this may cause the colour to fade. Cleaning should be restricted to a dry or damp cloth. We would advise against the use of cleaning products containing alcohol or solvents. Everyday use may cause scuffs to the leather surface, but we feel that this only adds to the natural appeal of your product. When you are not wearing your leather items, they should be stored in their original packaging. Kestia have provided you with a complimentary silver cloth with all leather pieces of jewellery. It is advisable to clean the silver prior to putting it away and giving it a clean prior to wearing to bring back the natural shine to your silver components. 

Diamonds and Precious Stones:
We only use quality ethically sourced diamonds, rubies and sapphires which have been carefully hand chosen by us. Each stone may vary in size according to the piece and stone chosen.

Our diamond quality is:

VS2 Quality Diamonds