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Our siliver initial and number charms (approx 12mm tall, including jumpring) can be added to one of our Kestia products or to an existing piece of jewellery.  

They can be used across all of our ranges to represent the initial of a new born baby or a gift for a family member or friend.  If used in our Separation Collection simply swap initials when you separate from each other and return when you are reunited, to tangibly show you have been in each others thoughts during your separation. Some suggestions could be when a child goes on a sleepover or a parent goes away for work.

In our Loss Collection the initials are a delicate and subtle represention of the special person you wish to keep in your thoughts and your heart. 

Number charms are also available to add together with initial charms representing a person's age, anniversary date or to present as a special birthday present for those 18th or 21st milestones. 

To order any letter of the alphabet please contact us via our contact page so that we can supply your individual combination. You will find the number charms listed separately.