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Our adorable little elephant charms (7mm tall) are hand made in the UK from solid, sterling silver. As elephants never forget they symbolize this idea and can be used in many ways  to send this message.   

In the Birth Collection they make a great present to give to someone on the birth of their new baby or to give to the baby as a christening or birth ceremony gift marking the importance of the occassion for the child. 

In the Separation Collection we would also suggest using them as a tangible way to remember mum, dad or any significant adult at times of separation.

Just select your choice of our hand tied bows in pink, blue or white.  

If you wish, remove the bow and then your little elephant can be attached to one of our charm bracelets, chains or necklaces or even onto an existing piece of jewellery.  

The different ways these little Kestia Elephants can be used are practically limitless. They could be placed on a table as a keepsake, attached to a favourite teddy, key ring, zipper or even sewn into a pocket.  

See our 'Using our Products' page for further suggestions.






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