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These Mementos and removable silver elephants are individually hand tied with large black bows and have been designed using two types of wood. We have engraved the discs with our Kestia Elephant, to symbolise the sentiment that your loved one will never be forgotten.

The removable silver elephant on one of the mementos, comes on a silver karabiner, which makes it easy to attach to a piece of jewellery, key ring, jacket zipper, makeup bag, pencil case, etc., to provide you with a tanglble way to feel that the memory of your loved one is always with you.

Available here as a pair, so that one can be kept as a keepsake and the other (which does not have the silver elephant) can be placed in the coffin symbolically sending the message to your loved one that you will never forget them.  These can also be purchased individually to give to any other people you may wish to include.  Please browse our Mementos Section in the Loss Collection if you would like to order any further mementos.

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