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These two sterling silver Kestia Kin Characters are sold together in two sizes one for the adult and one for the child. The silver ball chains also come in 16" and 18'' correspondingly. The child size Kin Character comes set with a beautiful sapphire in a choice of pink or blue. 

These two "Connect Your Kin" necklaces are sold as a pair because they are designed to help with separation. The adult Kin Character is worn by the adult and the smaller Kin Character is worn by the child. When the child goes to a party or on a sleepover or the parent goes away on business or for a stay in hospital for example, the characters are swapped so that the child takes the adult character with them and the adult takes the child character with them. This symbolises that the child is not forgotten. When they return the characters can then be swapped back. 

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