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Friendship Collection

As delicate as the butterfly kiss, these necklaces are a beatifuly way to show your love or friendship to someone important to you.  Made from sterling silver and each adorned with its own cubic zirconia, our butterflies hang from a convenent sterling silver 16" to 18" adjustible necklace.  The tiny butterfly designed to be a "cut out" from the heart, show in a tangible way, your connection to each other.

Ideal for grandmother and grandaughter, mother and daughter, partners or friends, these make a perfect gift for many occassions.  

In the Separation Collection they can be worn to represent the thought that you are in each others mind and heart when separated. 

An extremely lovely and delicate sterling silver heart and chain, available in one 43cm (17 inches) length.

These make a lovely gift for a friend, daughter, grandaughter or indeed anyone who loves a delicate little heart.

This quality little heart is enamelled on both sides and symbolising our ethos of never foretting we have engraved it with our elephant logo.   It is available in a delicate pink or blue enamel, which could be used if given as a gift to a new mum, to represent the birth of a baby girl or boy.

Nestled inside the heart, we have placed two of our Kin Characters which mum can wear to represent the new dad and their baby, another new mum and their baby or baby and sibling if being given as a birth gift.  

In the Family Collection the heart can be used for mum to wear to keep her children close to her heart and each Kin Character inside can represent a child.  Due to its delicate size, this heart can only accommodate 3 children (look our for our larger heart, coming soon, for those larger families).  

In the Friendship Collection, use to represent close friends or give to a boyfriend or girlfriend to show your love for each other and connection when you apart.  

In the Separation Collection, the Kin Characters inside the heart provide you with a tanglible way to keep a person close when they are away from you and show they are always in your mind.  This is particularly helpful for children when they go to school a sleepover or you are apart from them for whatever reason.

The heart can hold up to 3 Kin Characters, so an extra one can be purchased if required.  Please see our charm section when ordering.











Brand new to our range, his wrap-around bracelet is beautiful, contemporary, easy to wear and iIt is perfect to emphasise that summer tan. Made from polished natural magnasite, it comes complete with our square oxidised solid silver Kestia Bead (12mm diameter).  

Hand made in the UK, this bracelet makes a lovely gift to express the importance of your friendship, or you could purchase one for each member of a group of friends to wear collectively.  

These bracelets are perfect for stacking with any of our bracelets, both the single or wrap-around options.


The Child "Kin" Necklace consists of a 10mm tall Kin Character on a simple sterling silver chain.   

These delightful little Kin Characters are the smaller of the two characters available in this range. They have been designed to represent the "child" in the family. Made from solid sterling silver, they are fun, simple and elegant little "nuggets".  From the side they are designed with the infinity symbol to show the endless love and memory of the person represented by your character.

Extra "Kin" Characters are available in the Charm Section if more are required. Just pick a character for each member of your family or friendship group and feed them onto your necklace. These necklaces make a great present for Birthdays,  Christmas or for a grandmother who could wear her grandchildren on her necklace. 


Due to the popularity of our original Elephant Pattern Dog Tag, we have designed this smaller (approx 20mm x 12mm) dog tag.

Made from solid sterling silver, maufactured in the UK with our signature enamelled elephant pattern, this dog tag makes a great gift to give to a close friend.

Purchase one for each member of your group of friends as a tanglible way to show your connection.

These are available here on either our 16" or 18" ball chain, just select the correct length when placing your order.


Due to the popularity of our original Elephant Pattern Dog Tag, we have designed this smaller (approx 20mm x 12mm) dog tag.

Made from solid sterling silver, manufactured in the UK with our signature oxidised elephant pattern, this dog tag is ideal for a man who wants something smaller than the larger standard dog tag, a woman or a child. 

Add one of these to our "Me and You" Elephant Pattern Dog Tags, in the Separation Collection, if you wish to represent other children in your family.

These are available here on either our 16",18" or 20" ball chain, just select the correct length when placing your order.


We have developed a new, smaller patterned dog tag and have combined it here with our popular original Kestia Pattern Dog Tag.  

These make great presents for a girlfriend and boyfriend, partners, husband and wife, father and son or daughter or mother and son or daughter. Further smaller dog tags can be purchased to give to other children. 

Both of these are solid sterling silver and designed with our oxidised signature elephant pattern which symbolises a universal message of connection.

The larger elephant pattern dog tag comes complete with a heavy sterling silver ball chain which is available in a selection of chain lengths. State your desired length when ordering. The smaller dog tag comes on a 16" sterling silver ball chain.  


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