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Easily attach one of our heavy sterling silver and enamel baby elephants to one of our keyrings using the convenience of the karabiner. These can also be used by attaching to an existing keyring or other item - gym bag zipper, brief case, handbag, make-up bag, jacket zipper or pencil case to give you just a few suggestions. They can be used to represent the children in your family, your loved one, your friend or anyone you wish to keep chose to your heart.

If you wish, you can order one to represent each child in your family. These are available in a selection of enamel colours so that each chiid can easily identify themselves by their chosen colour.  

Your chosen enamel elephants can be further pesonalised by engraving the initial of the child, or anyone you wish, onto their elephant. Please go to the Engraving Page for instructions of how to order if this is desired.