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Separation Collection

Keep all of those important people in your life close to your heart with our beautiful sterling silver and sapphire locket.

 Presented on an 18" Venetian Box Chain our locket comes complete with 2 of our Kestia Kin Characters inside. There is also the option for this to be used in the traditional way of including a photo of you loved ones, if desired. 

The idea behind our locket is to symbolically hold your family together and for this reason there is room to add additional Kestia Kin Characters to represent your own family group.

In the Friendship Collection, this locket can be used to represent your friendship group.

In the Separation Collection, use the Characters to represent those who you are separated from.

Finally, in the Loss Collection, keep the memory of your loved one tangibly close to your heart.

Please see our Charms Section to purchase any additional Kestia Kin Characters.

As delicate as the butterfly kiss, these necklaces are a beautiful way to show your love or friendship to someone important to you.  Made from sterling silver and each adorned with its own cubic zirconia, our butterflies hang from a convenient sterling silver 16" to 18" adjustible necklace.  The tiny butterfly design is a "cut out" from the heart, showing in a tangible way, your connection to each other.

Ideal for mother and daughter, grandmother and grandaughter, friends or partners, these make a perfect gift for many occassions.  

In the Separation Collection they can be worn to represent the thought that you are in each others mind and heart when separated. 

This quality little heart is enamelled on both sides and to symbolise our ethos of never foretting, we have engraved it with our elephant logo.   It is available in a delicate pink or blue enamel, which could be used, if given as a gift to a new mum, to represent the birth of a baby girl or boy.

Nestled inside the heart, we have placed two of our Kin Characters which mums can wear to represent themselves and their baby. This can be given as a birth gift.  

In the Family Collection the heart can be used for mum to wear to keep her children close to her heart and each Kin Character inside can represent a child.  Due to its delicate size, this heart can only accommodate 3 children (look our for our larger heart, coming soon, for those larger families).  

In the Friendship Collection, use to represent close friends or give to a boyfriend or girlfriend to show your love for each other and connection when you apart.  

In the Separation Collection, the Kin Characters inside the heart provide you with a tanglible way to keep a person close when they are away from you and show they are always in your mind.  This is particularly helpful for children when they go to school a sleepover or you are apart from them for whatever reason.

The heart can hold up to 3 Kin Characters, so an extra one can be purchased if required.  Please see our charm section when ordering.











Due to the popularity of our original Elephant Pattern Dog Tag, we have designed this smaller (approx 20mm x 12mm) dog tag.

Made from solid sterling silver, manufactured in the UK with our signature oxidised elephant pattern, this dog tag is ideal for a man who wants something smaller than the larger standard dog tag, a woman or a child. 

Add one of these to our "Me and You" Elephant Pattern Dog Tags, in the Separation Collection, if you wish to represent other children in your family.

These are available here on either our 16",18" or 20" ball chain, just select the correct length when placing your order.

Product variations: 


Our siliver initial and number charms (approx 12mm tall, including jumpring) can be added to one of our Kestia products or to an existing piece of jewellery.  

They can be used across all of our ranges to represent the initial of a new born baby or a gift for a family member or friend.  If used in our Separation Collection simply swap initials when you separate from each other and return when you are reunited, to tangibly show you have been in each others thoughts during your separation. Some suggestions could be when a child goes on a sleepover or a parent goes away for work.

In our Loss Collection the initials are a delicate and subtle represention of the special person you wish to keep in your thoughts and your heart. 

Number charms are also available to add together with initial charms representing a person's age, anniversary date or to present as a special birthday present for those 18th or 21st milestones. 

To order any letter of the alphabet please contact us via our contact page so that we can supply your individual combination. You will find the number charms listed separately.

Product variations: 

These cute little elephants on a karabiner are the larger of the two sizes and are a way to help your child with separation or to use as a symbol of anyone you wish to represent. 

Using the convenient karabiner attach your elephant to any of our pieces to show that you are taking your loved one with you when you have to go somewhere and so are separated from them. They are particularly useful for Dad to attach to his dog tag and for Mum to attach to her necklace. They can be easily swapped back to a boy's dog tag or a girl's bracelet or necklace when Mum or Dad returns.

This allows children to tangibly see that the adult always keeps them safely in their heart and mind.


Product variations: 


These delightful little "Kin" Characters are the larger of the two characters available. They have been designed  to represent the parent/adult in the family and are fed on to the "Connect Your Kin" Separation Necklace. When a child is separated from mother or any important adult, they can slide this adult character onto their own smaller "Connect Your Kin" Necklace and symbolically carry their parent with them. These separate characters are useful when there is more than one child in the family and both are away at the same time.

Made from solid silver they are a simple and elegant design. These characters are also fun and make a great present for Mothers.  

These adult characters are also available set with your choice of a pink or blue sapphire as well as diamond options. Browse our Charms Section in the Family Collection.


These "Connect Your Kin" Necklaces are sold separately to use if you have more than one child and you want each of them to be able to use the sterling silver child character symbolically when they are separated from you. You can swap charaters when you are apart and replace them onto their original necklace when you return to each other. This idea allows the child to know they are always in your mind and heart.  


This beautiful, contemporary and easy to wear bracelet is made from 6mm matt black onyx beads. It is complimented with our oxidized Kestia Signature Bead and has been hand made in the UK.

Our Kestia Elephant Bead symbolises the idea that just as the elephant never forgets, when we separate from someone important to us, we too do not forget. These bracelets are an ideal way to tangibly show someone that this is how we feel.

These could be given to a friend who may be leaving, to a teacher at the end of the school year, a friend when they are leaving school or a grandparent who lives far away. These bracelets can be bought in pairs, for example, for a parent and child or two friends so that they have the same bracelet to remember each other by when they are apart. They are available in a variety of sizes.

These look great when worn together with one or more of our other bead options.


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